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Power and Water Market Strategy, Queensland

Mark led the development of water and power market strategies for an engineering consultant in Queensland.

Regional Expansion Strategy, Queensland

Mark developed business cases and then led the setup of two new regional offices for an emerging Queensland based consultant.

Small Business Plan, Australia and International

Mark led the strategy and created a business plan for a small manufacturing business, based in Brisbane.

THE CHALLENGE - The strategies were developed when the market was strong but the company lacked market penetration in some areas.


OUR SOLUTION – Various strategies were developed including leveraging existing relationships, partnering, building new capability and smart recruitment. This led the company in some exciting new directions including the establishment of construction joint ventures.

THE CHALLENGE – There were many challenges including finding the right location, engaging the right team, ensuring clients were serviced and ensuring key management personnel were supportive of expansion plans.

OUR SOLUTION – Business plans were created and implemented. An on-going change management program was introduced to ensure management buy-in. Both of these offices on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are thriving regional offices today.

THE CHALLENGE – Being a small player in a large market, the key challenge was limited buying power due to a small customer base. It was difficult to keep costs in check to allow the business to be profitable.

OUR SOLUTION – A staged strategy was developed and implemented based on growing the business with a small client base, followed by expansion. Within a year, the company was able to outsource manufacturing on a larger scale and offer better service to its clients.