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Executive Coaching, Australia & New Zealand

As an accredited coach, Mark led a series of coaching clinics for the executive teams of a major engineering consultant. He facilitated numerous coaching clinics throughout Australia over a five-year period.

Team Coaching, Water Market, Australia & New Zealand

For the management team of a national water business, Mark custom built and facilitated several coaching clinics over a two-year period.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring, Australia-wide

Over the years, Mark has coached and mentored many young people in the development of their careers and personal situations.

THE CHALLENGE - Skepticism was one of the biggest challenges to overcome. Highly technical engineering teams just wanted to get on and design “stuff” and not be burdened by coaching.

 - We worked hard to engage the teams and demonstrate the results of effective coaching. The initial 12 month program was such a success, that the program was extended a further 5 years, leading to recognised improvements in employee engagement.

THE CHALLENGE - The key challenge was how to thrive in the tough post-GFC market across Australia. A high level of staff engagement in the development of alternate strategies was the desired outcome.

OUR SOLUTION - The coaching clinics were hailed as a success and assisted the team deal with many difficult situations during this period in Australia.

THE CHALLENGE – Challenges vary from person to person. Several of Mark’s mentees have been at pivotal stages of their career or life and are asking questions of themselves such as “what’s next for me?”

OUR SOLUTION – Every solution is unique, but the key to coaching is to allow the mentees/coaches to understand their own potential and find their own success.