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CRM System Development, Australia wide

Mark worked with an international engineering consultant to assist in the setup, testing and implementation of a regional CRM software system.

CRM Strategy development, International manufacturing business

Mark worked with a small manufacturing business to develop a process for identifying, ranking and implementing relationship plans for their clients.

CRM for Tier 1 clients, Engineering Consultancy, Queensland

Mark was the Client Relationship Director for several Tier 1 clients in Queensland. This included strategy development, expansion of client relationships and achieving financial targets.

THE CHALLENGE – Apart from technical issues relating to software, one of the biggest challenges was achieving the support of staff who were used to guarding their information rather than sharing it.

OUR SOLUTION – Apart from the actual implementation, the solution involved extensive training and change management. The system allowed the company to significantly improve its information flow and decision making processes.

THE CHALLENGE – the biggest challenge involved a change of mindset. The company wanted to look after all of its clients on an equal footing, which was not really possible with the available resources.

 OUR SOLUTION – Mark helped the company identify the advantages of having a “Tier 1” group of clients, implemented a system to maintain and enhance the relationships of these clients, and helped implement an ongoing review program.

THE CHALLENGE – the consultant had many Tier 1 clients and limited resources to implement effective relationships. It was a constant challenge to engage the wider company in CRM activities.

 – Mark implemented different strategies based on the client. In this way, limited resources were effectively utilised where they were most needed. This approach demonstrated the effectiveness of building lasting client relationships and targets were achieved.