Closing the Deal2


Water and sewerage prospects, NSW, QLD & ACT

Marelius worked with an international water treatment company to identify a pipeline of opportunities in Qld, NSW and the ACT in the water, energy and mining sectors.

Pipeline Development for various sectors, China

A Chinese company engaged Mark to undertake business development activities in the water, industrial, healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

Breaking into new markets, Queensland

Mark led business development activities to help a Queensland engineering contractor implement a strategy to break into new markets including water, mining and defence.

THE CHALLENGE – The market was very tight so a key challenge was to identify opportunities that provided the best return on BD investment.

OUR SOLUTION – In-depth analysis was undertaken and opportunities identified for further pursuit. A partnering analysis was also completed.

THE CHALLENGE – The biggest challenge was to appreciate the cultural differences between countries and to understand how to do business in Asia.

OUR SOLUTION - Mark was able to win new contracts for the company in China and Hong Kong and establish new client contacts in Taiwan and the Philippines.

THE CHALLENGE – the biggest challenge was to determine how to cost effectively break into new markets with little track record in that market.

OUR SOLUTION – An approach based on leveraging existing relationships was developed and implemented and the company successfully achieved its goals.