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Green Square Alliance, Sydney

Marelius was engaged as the Bid Manager for this $80 million stormwater upgrade project, which was vital for the development of the Green Square area in inner city Sydney. Marelius worked with the alliance team to develop bid strategy, finalise the makeup of the team, facilitate workshops and reviews and produce a winning bid.

Logan Water Alliance, Queensland

Marelius was engaged to manage the bid for this $300 million program of work in south east Queensland. This included strategy development, bid management, workshop facilitation, development of the tender submission and preparing the team for interviews and client workshops.

Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade, Queensland

This $60 million project was for the upgrade of an existing treatment plant via an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) model. Marelius was engaged to manage the bid, work which included development of pursuit management, bid strategy, partnering strategy, bid submission, workshop facilitation and preparing the team for interviews.

THE CHALLENGE – This was a complex and high profile project, jointly delivered by Sydney Water and the City of Sydney. Our major challenge was to ensure that our team could identify, address and solve all the issues identified as part of this project and provide a competitive bid.………………….

OUR SOLUTION – We put together a team with the right experience to help deliver the solution we came up with. This solution was different to that proposed in the concept design and the client saw benefits in our approach that were not previously visible. The team won the contract and is currently delivering the work.

THE CHALLENGE – My client was the incumbent contractor, already delivering a similar program of works for Council. It was the first time in 5 years that the program had come to the market so the competition was exceptionally hungry. In addition, the main focus of the program was significantly changing, so our team needed to find a fresh new approach.

OUR SOLUTION – We needed to invigorate the team and develop strategies to address the new project objectives, but still build on the success of the incumbent model. We developed a comprehensive tender submission which addressed the new challenges of the program and our team was successfully awarded the contract.

THE CHALLENGE – with the market quiet, this was a very competitive bid. The asset owner had aspirations for the plant to be energy neutral in the future, yet still meet all current licensing obligations so there were interesting technical challenges.

OUR SOLUTION – We put together a team which could offer international expertise on the latest treatment technology and excellent local project delivery experience. Our team was successfully shortlisted to the final 3 proponents and is currently working through the ECI process.