the marelius story

Marelius was created by Mark Phillips as a vehicle to allow Mark and his clients to chase their dreams and live extraordinary lives. With over 25 years of experience designing, building and operating infrastructure, Mark saw that something was missing in the way people were engaged to do their work – and that was allowing people to use their strengths and engage their passion to the greatest extent possible.

Mark created Marelius as a vehicle to harness his own strengths–energy, passion, commitment, a positive attitude, fun–and to help connect his clients to their own strengths and passion.

The services that Marelius offers aligns with this: bid management, business development, strategy development and coaching. Marelius offers a niche service to the designers, constructors and operators of infrastructure, a service that is flexible, nimble, cost efficient and very effective.

the story behind the name

Marelius comes from combining Marcus and Aurelius. Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor and a legend….loved by the people, a brilliant strategist, an inspirational leader, a empathetic coach and mentor, and a man who could bring together a high performing team.

At Marelius, we aspire to the same values that Marcus Aurelius lived his life by and which are documented in The Meditations.


Mark Phillips

about mark

Mark’s personal mantra is to live an extraordinary life, whether this be travelling the world or helping develop a great project. He is passionate about ensuring that his actions will create a better world in which we live, work and play.

Mark has worked for over 25 years in the private and public sectors, as a consultant, contractor and asset owner. For many years, he held executive management roles and has extensive experience across the water, power, energy, mining, transport and property development markets.

Mark’s passion is helping form great teams to create innovative solutions to client’s issues and problems. He holds an electrical engineering degree, successfully completed the AICD Company Director’s course and is a licensed coaching facilitator with Corporate Coach U.